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Dear customers, dear visitors,

In case you don’t know us yet, we - Tölle Handelskontor - want to introduce ourselves to you: There’s always someone who produces something good. And there’s always someone who searches for something good. Since 1996 we are bringing these two sides together by offering natural products of all kinds. As the term “natural products” is rather wide, we’ve specialised on wild berries and wooden packaging. Especially in the packaging sector we want to fulfil our contribution to pollution control and we want to offer ecologically and biologically clean wooden packaging. If for fresh food or as gift hamper - we want to offer to the consumer the possibility of choosing ecologically clean packaging. In the wild fruit sector our main business lies in import and export of fresh, frozen (IQF), dried mushrooms, mushrooms in brine for the tinning industry, as well as frozen (IQF) wood berries for fruit manufacturing firms. Let us convince you from the quality of our products! Your team Tölle Handelskontor Berries In the wild berries sector we offer the following IQF berries: - red whortle berries - Cranberries - Sallow thorn berries - Wild bilberries We also have cultivated berries like red and black current in our assortment. The production is made in the Baltic States by our experienced supplier to guarantee that the ordered quality will be delivered to our customers. Mushrooms We deal in fresh, frozen (IQF) wild mushrooms and mushrooms in brine. We mainly offer chanterelles and yellow boletus. Other wild mushrooms can be offered after inquiry. Way and size of packaging decides the customer himself. During season (July to September) we deliver fresh mushrooms for whole sale and retail trade business. Wooden packaging Dear customer, You know best how important is, especially concerning the sale of berries and vegetable, to preserve freshness and quality. The choice of the right packaging decides for how long the fruit or vegetable stays fresh and saleable. Wood, a natural material, is the number 1 among the different sorts of packaging in the food sector, when quality, as well as durability of fresh fruit and vegetable is asked. You have the following advantages when you choose wooden packaging: Ecologically clean packaging non-treated wood is ecologically seen a clean packaging material, doubtlessly suitable for the storage of food Longer durability in the wooden packaging fruit and vegetable stay fresh for longer because wood absorbs surplus moisture and so it avoids early putrefaction Attractive packaging a well manufactured wooden basket has a more attractive effect on the customer and is thus stimulating the sale Our advice Filled with your product (home-made jam, liqueur, juice,) our wooden basket becomes a great gift hamper for your customers! Assortment As direct importer we offer you wooden packaging in different sizes and types: For the floristic and gift sector you can get the basket also with a foil layer. By request you can get the baskets in different colors. All wooden baskets are made from non-treated deciduous trees and are therefore suitable for the storage and sale of Bio-food-products. Service We have specialized on the commerce between Germany and Lithuania, and we help you finding the right partner for commerce and business. We offer as services procurement, translation and interpreting for German-Lithuanian in every economic field.
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